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Thoughout their lifetime Lowell and Nancy Stahl have made it their mission to give back to the community, that has given so much to them, through philanthropy.  Their contributions to local and national organizations have always been a part of their personal and professional lives.  In an effort to establish this culture within their family as well as to expose the benefits of giving to their children and grandchildren, they established The Stahl Family Charitable Foundation, a 501 (c)3 organization, made up of Lowell, his children and his grandchildren. 


Each member of the Stahl Family is presented with the opportunity to suggest to the foundation that the Foundation allocate a portion of its annual donations to a cause that is personal to that member.  Every year these personal causes are presented to the Foundations Board, and if approved, their gift is included in the Foundation’s annual donations, in addition to the Foundations main beneficiaries designated by its board.  Additionally, each year one of the grandchildren take on the responsibility of seeking out charities which fit the Foundation's mission statement, and to present these charities to the board for consideration as a main beneficiary.  This experience has allowed all members of the Stahl family to collaborate, educate themselves on worthwhile issues, and experience the mutual benefits of giving, that the Foundation and its recipients share.  Through the creation of the Stahl Family Charitable Foundation, Lowell has successfully created a platform for the family to come together and be united in the spirit of giving, sharing the good that comes from helping others.


Addtionally the foundation accepts the tax-deductible donations of others who are also interested in the Stahl Family and the Foundation's mission statement, including 100% of their donations in the Foundation's annual gifts and allowing donors to make meaningful differences in the lives of others.  Please see information on how to donate by clicking on the "Donate" tab above.  


To date we have donated over $700,940 to some of the following organizations to be used on research to find a cure for childhood cancer:

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